Economy and Science

The StädteRegion Aachen is in the centre of a leading European research landscape. The region's technological potential is unique in Germany and comparable with just a handful of other locations worldwide.

Shaped by its immediate proximity to the elite university RWTH Aachen and Aachen University of Applied Sciences, the Forschungszentrum Jülich research centre and the Universities of Maastricht and Liege, the region has a dynamic supply of highly qualified and motivated workers with an intercultural focus.
Companies based or moving to the StädteRegion Aachen have the opportunity to make use of almost unlimited expertise in research and technology as part of technology transfer. In addition, entrepreneurs, predominantly from the universities, have the chance to develop their innovative products to market maturity. The workforce potential in a wide range of professional areas and the opportunities for initial and continuing training, such as in the various professional colleges, mean that companies in the StädteRegion Aachen can draw on a reserve of potential employees which is great in number and younger and more capable than that of many other regions.

Economic promotion is a big priority here. Thanks to its structural variety, from city centre to deepest countryside, the StädteRegion Aachen offers the ideal location for almost any company. The outstanding potential for commercial space is impressive in terms of both quality and quantity. Variable sizes, a range of area designations and connections provide unique potential. The high number of technology centres, focusing on different sectors, is a real advantage of the location. From the craftsmen's centre to the high-tech park, including institutions with an international focus and a service centre - companies in the foundation phase and undergoing growth in particular can find the ideal conditions here and profit from the services offered as required. Business incubators across the entire Aachen region offer entrepreneurs the perfect conditions for a successful start to their independent business.

In addition, the StädteRegion Aachen stands out due to its outstanding transport infrastructure, which is the result of its ideal location in the heart of Europe.
The European Union has developed into an inseparable part of our lives. In the border regions in particular, people enjoy the benefits of a united Europe. The European Union doesn't just send out directives and recommendation - a wide range of measures to promote cohesion and quality of life in the European Union are also put into action.

For many years, the StädteRegion Aachen has seen consistent positive development in population figures. The population is expected to continue this positive trend long term. This predicted solid growth in the population is not least a result of the high quality of life the region offers. 


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