The StädteRegion Aachen offers a wide range of services from its organisational units.

With the Familienkarte, it is setting the benchmark in family-orientated policy. The card offers families living in the region a huge number of offers which can be used across the region, well beyond the boundaries of the town or municipality. The services offered are intended to ease the pressure on family budgets and inspire families to undertake activities together.
The craftsman's parking permit is another special service offered by the StädteRegion. Those craft businesses entitled, including those based outside the StädteRegion, can collect the permit for a price of 120 euros per year from the traffic authority responsible for their local area. This exceptional authorisation is issued for the company in question and authorises the holder to park in no-stopping zones if this is necessary to carry out their work and there are no other suitable parking options.
As a free and confidential source of advice for those entering or re-entering the workforce, the Infomobil provided by the Department of Culture, Empiral Research and Equality travels around the municipalities of the StädteRegion for advice sessions.
Among the online applications, the one which offers reservation of personalised number plates is especially popular. All geodata remains available free online. Excerpts from the land registry and riding plates can also be requested online. You will find all tender documents in digital form in one place, in the joint allocation portal of the StädteRegion Aachen, the City of Aachen and the municipalities of Düren and Euskirchen.


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