GUIDELINE - What to do if it comes to an unregulated Brexit? Information for UK citizens on the right of residence.

The United Kingdom is expected to leave the European Union at a yet still undetermined time (“Brexit”). It is currently unknown under which conditions the exit will take place. For British nationals, this is associated with uncertainties for they lose their status as EU citizens. Thus, the immigration office of the StädteRegion Aachen already provides information about the procedure for an "unregulated Brexit" in case of a no deal scenario. In this case, the Federal Government grants a transitional period of three months from the date of withdrawal. During that time, British nationals and their families can continue living and working in Germany without a residence permit.

For residence beyond this period, however, an application at the immigration office is required within this three months deadline. If this application is submitted in due time, further residence in Germany is automatically considered as permitted until a final decision on the application. A personal visit to the immigration office is initially not required. The application form (“Erstantrag”) can be downloaded under the section “Dienstleistungen” (see below). Further documents will not be required. The application form can already be sent to the immigration authority of StädteRegion Aachen by fax, e-mail or post.

Applicants will be given a personal appointment at the immigration office to process their application in due course. In order to ensure the applications can be processed expeditiously, it is requested to refrain from telephone enquiries about the application status.

Further information can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry Bundesministerium des Inneren, für Bau und Heimat.

In case the negotiated exit contract still comes into force ("regulated Brexit"), a transitional period will apply until 31.12.2020. During this period, Britain will generally continue to be treated as an EU member. Only for a stay in Germany beyond 31.12.2020 British nationals and their family members have to submit an application at the immigration office until this deadline.


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