Full of energy – from coal to culture

By Stefan Schaum


This change speaks for itself. Where until 1992 for many decades „black gold“ had been produced, today a green belt traverses the entire region. The „Annapark“ in Alsdorf in its modern design at the feet of the shaft tower is without doubt the most striking example for the dynamic structural change in a municipality, which, on the one hand, proudly reminds of its mining past and, on the other hand, is looking far into the future.

Where once the mines were the only predominant landmark, today a dazzling, outstanding versatility is offered; automobile research, DVD-production and pharmacy are fundamental pillars of a strong business location, which also offers its 48000 inhabitants a high quality of living. Young families preferably like to settle in the area around the “Annapark” and in the other development areas; right in the proximity of nature, which in Alsdorf is found in great abundance.

From the dreamy-romantic Broichtal with its idyllic ponds to the most striking places of the town, the slag heaps. The five mining waste banks have long become green landmarks, which are visible far from the city boundaries and are welcoming the visitors. As an adventure space in harmony with nature the slag heap Noppenberg invites hikers, to discover a unique flora and fauna in a special nature reserve.
The local recreational area near lake Alsdorf has also been filled with new life. In the free admission animal park llamas, snow owls and red deer are waiting for their visitors admission free. There a “garden of the senses” offers relaxation and a large playground is the main attraction for younger children.
How elegant past and future can be connected, is shown in the *Energeticon“. What 2010 is planned to be opened as a museum has already today been filled with life. The partly extensively restored miners’ buildings, from winding house to the central power generator, allow visitors of the city region to experience energy in many facets; from coal to regenerative utilization of energy and from the underground mining tunnel to the solar mobile under the sun. The historical buildings are used as out-of-school places of learning as well as impressive cultural venues, where old turbines make up the scenery for listening to classical music. In the centre of cultural life in Alsdorf is the municipal hall. Here well-known artists from opera to comedy delight and entertain their audiences. In addition the city’s choirs are offered an impressive stage in the hall at the newly designed memorial place. From choir school to the great choir, from classical music over musical to pop – also the range of musical offerings of singers in Alsdorf is broadly diversified.

Alsdorf people like to celebrate; whether at the spring festival or in autumn, when the European Festival attracts thousands of visitors from the region and the neighbouring countries. A multi-cultural get-together does not only characterize these events; Alsdorf is a town, in which the European we-feeling is always very much in the foreground. Here the close family ties of the miners from the days of the past can still be felt until today. In a town which smartly uses old paths, in order to pave new ways.


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