Foresightedness in a liveable and appealing community

By Helga Hermann


The way is breathtaking; almost 19 percent gradient has the „SchwebeSteg“ (suspended footbridge), a construction of bridge components ascending towards the top, leading through dense trees and bushes and followed by the “HimmelsStiege” (stairs to heaven) with 270 steps. Many hikers are on the way using the local recreational area CarlAlexanderPark in Baesweiler, which also includes an almost three kilometre long circular path around the slag heap, playgrounds as well as the “BergFoyer” with restaurant.

From the mountain plateau you can see the future: the future of the city region Aachen. This view from the 80 meters high slag heap peak at the same time is a symbol for the foresightedness, with which the city of Baesweiler has set the course after the end of the coal mining era. At that time 2000 people lost their jobs; they needed a new perspective. Therefore, the town concentrated on an intensive business development.

The balance drawn after 20 years is impressive: in the industrial estate Baesweiler 170 new businesses have been established until today. The International Technology and Service Centre (its) has decisively contributed to success. Numerous innovative companies from the areas life science and biotechnology have settled here and written their success stories. This is characteristic for the persistence, with which the town has shaped the structural change. The process is, however, far from being finished. Therefore research and technology shall also play an important part in the CarlAlexanderPark besides the aspects leisure time, relaxation and living.

Strength, determination and solidarity in a strong community – these features are attributed to the town. It is no coincidence that it chose the lion as its heraldic animal, which in a roundabout resolutely strides up the hill and comes across the visitors’ way at many other places.

In 1975 Baesweiler received its town charter. The rural character in combination with urban flair is proudly cherished, which shows up by the more than 170 clubs with their vivid community life. The community spirit, which characterises the people in Baesweiler, cannot only be sensed at the many festivities and events; also if the citizens’ help is needed, they will be there. If it is, for instance, at supporting the Baesweiler citizens’ foundation, at benefit performances or big town actions and festivities; volunteers always care for a lovely atmosphere and the town very much appreciates this sense of civil duty. It supports and strengthens it with many offers for young and old. The old castle, for example, was converted into a cultural centre, in which besides the public library there is a municipal cinema and a bistro-café.

Within the programme „family friendly town“ kindergarten places for children under three years have further been developed. Numerous school types are offered and in their leisure time children and youngsters find many opportunities, to meet friends of the same age.

Advantages of the popular shopping centre are not only parking places free of charge, but a balanced mix of trades with friendly and competent advice. If the local people are asked, „how is life in Baesweiler?“ the answer comes prompt: “I like to live here very much”, is the unanimous opinion. Also visitors from outside of the town feel this enthusiasm of life; also they will appreciate Baesweiler as a liveable and appealing place.


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