Highly frequented hub and juncture of the region


The „Düvelstadt“ (devil’s town), which got its nickname in relation to the „Düvel“ (in the German slang, spoken here - the devil) in the tower of the parish church Saint Sebastian, is the home of 38,500 people in the geographic centre of the city region.

The direct connection to the motorway junction Aachen guarantees quick connections via the A 4 in the direction of Cologne and the Netherlands as well as via the A 44 in the direction of Düsseldorf and Belgium. The town has developed into an attractive trading centre, which is not only proved by the resident forwarding agents and internationally operating importers and exporters; also the industrial estates around the Aachener Kreuz (motorway junction Aachen) have reached national importance thanks to their favourable location factors and during the course of the years have helped the town to become an important trading and service centre. A new, inter-municipal industrial park is to continue the success story.
Focal point for the airspace is the public airfield Merzbrück, which is located in sight of the motorway junction Aachen. The airport serves general aviation and is used by the RWTH and the FH Aachen for scientific and research purposes. For flying and sports gliding clubs Merzbrück has for a long time been an important address, but also business travellers take advantage of the convenient and quick access of European business centres by taxi flight or flying their own aircraft. The air rescue helicopters of the ADAC are provided for use by the airborne rescue service for the city region and the Euregio Maas-Rhine. So the „Christoph Europe 1“ is based in direct vicinity to the medical centre, which as university hospital of the RWTH Aachen with its totally 765 beds, 16 clinics and inpatient wards is among the biggest hospitals in the city region.

The three districts Bardenberg, Broichweiden and Würselen, which until the municipal reform in the year of 1972 had been independent municipalities, have until today kept their own character. Besides the about 260 active clubs, which decisively shape life in the districts, the traditional “Jungenspiele“ (old May tradition) have achieved a high local value. With its 13 active „Jungenspiele” numerous May couples, „Pritschenkinder“ (children holding a wooden plank in their hands) and flag wavers are the attraction for thousands of spectators to come into the districts, where in each district on one weekend festive activities take place in the marquee especially put up and decorated for this occasion. The big procession on kermis Sunday tops the celebrations, due to which Würselen has been awarded the title “town of the Jungenspiele”.

Apropos tradition: people living in the Rhineland cannot ignore carnival. Here the so-called „fifth season“ is the special highlight of social life.

Those interested in culture are offered a year-round entertainment-mix of music, cabaret, comedy and cinema film in the “old town hall” and on the open-air stage at Castle Wilhelmstein, which was built in the 13th century. Würselen, however, invites her citizens not only for hiking tours in the beautiful valley “Wurmtal”, for relaxing in the AQUANA water park or for a stroll through the city centre and the neighbouring “Kalkhaldenpark” (leisure park on the grounds of the old lime stockpiles)

With its family friendly designed residential and development areas, a good offer of living and care facilities for senior people, as well as varied retail opportunities and the corresponding infrastructure Würselen faces the challenges of the future: always in the sense of the people living there and true to the famous motto “Würselen – well-being!”


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